Rockman Fan Fiction

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Recently, I've finally started publishing a fan fiction about the Rockman (Mega Man) series that was sitting here for a long time. It's in Portuguese, but if you want to check it out, you can click here.

PS: exactly today (december 17th, 2011), the series and the blue robot carrying the same name turn twenty four years old! Happy birthday, Rockman!

Kirby: Revenge of Error Knight

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I've never thought that Windows errors could be so interesting. On this page (in Japanese), I've found the video below, where someone plays the theme song of "Revenge of Meta Knight" (from the Kirby series' games), with only the sounds of the Windows error messages!

The video begins with the system logon. Then, a program is executed and triggers a sequence of errors to form the music.

Attention: the video's creator warns you to get away from the screen while watching, because the video shows lots of flashing error messages that may be bad for the eyes.

If you can't see the video or just prefer to listen, here is only the sound in OGG format.

A Basic Introduction to SoX

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What is SoX?

SoX (Sound eXchange) is, as the author calls it, "the Swiss Army knife of sound processing programs". It is free, open source and runs under Windows, Mac and Linux.

SoX can play, record, convert, edit, split, join and apply various effects to audio files of many different formats.


Link to the Rss Feed

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I've changed the right menu a little. I reorganized the pages & tags and put a link to the RSS feed. Actually, the feed was there for a long time, but I forgot to put a "visible" link to it.

A Small Status Update

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After upgrading Speech-Dispatcher, the Orca screen reader couldn't detect the Japanese voice synthesizer anymore. I thought it was because Orca's version was old, so I upgraded it along with AT-SPI, then Orca stopped working. Until this problem was solved, I stayed on the command line (console). I could do some interesting things in text mode, but unfortunately I couldn't use any screen reader with Japanese. Now, I've just managed to get Orca plus Japanese back, so I am writing this post.

As for the problem that stopped Orca from working... It is said that AT-SPI1 and 2 can coexist peacefully in the same system, but here, their files got mixed for some reason and caused a conflict. I don't use AT-SPI1 for a long time, so I removed it. After compiling and installing the new AT-SPI2, some additional dependencies and Orca, everything seems to be back to normal.

That's it for today. In other articles, I might talk about some of the interesting things that can be done on the console. For now, I'm glad I can use Japanese on the PC again!

Blind Man Beats Ocarina of Time

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The legend says that when the kingdom was dominated by the evil being, a young man came traveling through time, defeated the dark forces and saved the kingdom, and since them he was known as the Hero of Time. This legend is right, but they forgot a very important detail: the Hero of Time was blind.


How I Started Using Linux

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* Article in Portuguese

On June 23rd, 2009, I published an article on the Slackware Users Group Brazil mailing list, talking about how I migrated from Windows to Linux.

You can view the original version here, in Portuguese.