Installing Orca on Slackware 14.0

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I was taking a look at Slackware Current, which now contains the packages that will be in the next version (14.1, if the name doesn't change like what happened with 13.37). I was very surprised to see that AT-SPI2-Core and AT-SPI2-ATK, two very important dependencies for the Orca screen reader, have been included, and their versions are even newer than mine! But I think these weren't added because of accessibility considerations (some other new packages must have these libs as dependencies), since a few SlackBuilds important to Orca still are "./configured" with "--disable-introspection" and "--disable-accessibility" (when I installed Orca on my current system, I had a lot of headaches until I found out that the packages came configured like that by default. I had to enable those options and recompile the programs). Even so, each new Slackware version, more of Orca's dependencies are being incorporated into the default packages. Maybe in just a few versions from now, all (or almost all) of Orca's dependencies will finally have been fulfilled. While this doesn't happen, I gathered the SlackBuilds to compile Orca and its dependencies, and uploaded them to Github. Some are mine (because I didn't find ready scripts for those programs anywhere else), while others are copies of the scripts from or of things provided in Slackware (for the few programs that needed tweaking and recompiling), everything gathered in only one place to make life easier. These aren't the latest versions, but the specific versions that work with the Slackware 14.0 stock libraries (building the newest packages would require compiling a lot of extra things and would be much more work). For those wondering about having to install Gnome, no, it isn't needed. Contrary to what it might seem, despite being part of the Gnome Project, Orca can run perfectly fine without this so heavy desktop environment. Below is a quick guide on how to install Orca on Slackware, without Gnome:


Twitter and Updates

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It may not seem like it, but a lot happened after my last post:

  • I did an arrangement of another music from Pokemon Black & White. It's the music titled "Ghetsis' Ambitions". Listen & download here or here.

  • Probably this is where I'm most active at the moment. I never mentioned it here before, but for some time now, I've been writing a Pokemon Black & White fan fiction (in English). It's called Soul Link, and I'm silently updating it regularly.

  • I did an audio drama adaptation of a scene from said fan fiction. The fanfic is in English, but the audio drama is in Japanese. The dialogue is mostly the same as the one from the fan fiction, so for those who understood the scene in the fic, the Japanese drama can probably be understood as well. A few people who like watching anime with Japanese audio might like it... Or not :P. Anyway, it can be found here. It also uses the music arrangement I just mentioned.

  • I uploaded a few more sounds to Freesound. I also added a lot of interesting sounds from other people to my bookmarks.

  • I finally got around to organizing my SlackBuilds for compiling Orca under Slackware and uploaded them to Github.

    Edit (2013-09-27): instructions on how to use the scripts now can be found here.

  • I bought a 3DS XL. I wasn't thinking on doing that yet, but once again, I found a cheap one (for Brazil standards), and since prices in general are rising due to inflation, I decided to do it before it got too expensive. I won't make a full review like I did with the other one, but it suffices to say that compared to the normal 3DS, the buttons are more comfortable, the console is easier to hold (though a bit heavier) and the battery lasts more.

  • In mid July, my internet connection stayed down for nearly two weeks, affecting my work and everything. Calling the ISP only resulted in pointless excuses most of the time, and it took very long for them to have the will to send a technician here and fix it. It was a problem affecting the whole region where I live. Hopefully it's sorted out now.

  • Recently, I've been listening a lot of Japanese music which uses singing synthesis software like VOCALOID and UTAU.

Well, a lot happened, as you can see. The problem is that I don't have the patience to write a full blog post for each thing I do, let alone in three languages... And I realized: isn't that the purpose of a microblog like Twitter? Right now, my Twitter isn't seeing much use aside from automatically alerting when I post something here. I'm thinking of making it update (preferably automatically) whenever I publish a fanfic chapter, or a Youtube video and maybe a few other things, so people can know I'm still active even if this blog isn't updated so often. The account is "@aiyumi_en". You can follow me, or if you're like me and aren't much into these social network things, you can use this RSS feed.

Sounds of Ilha Grande

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In November 2011, I went on a trip to Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I took my Zoom H4n portable sound recorder and recorded sounds of nature, sea, birds and other things. I wanted to edit them in Audacity to cut out the unwanted parts (as far as I know, with command line audio editors such as SoX and Ecasound there isn't a practical way to remove several small portions from the middle of the file. The only way of doing this that I know involves calculating sound durations, positions etc., so it really had to be Audacity), but on my old computer, the said program crashed very frequently (strangely, this only happened to it) and I was unable to get anything done. I got a new computer, and now Audacity works perfectly. I Finally managed to tidy the files up, and now I proudly present you... The Sounds of Ilha Grande! They're hosted at, which is a site that has thousands of free sound effects, most of them under a Creative Commons License, and others in the public domain. I have more miscellaneous sounds here in my HD, which I plan to upload there over time, but I'll write here on the blog only if there's something interesting enough to deserve a post, so if you want, follow my Freesound page.

Adventures with a New Computer

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My seven year old computer started to show signs of dying, so I bought a new one.

Choosing a Machine

As I also needed to use the computer for work, I chose a little more "professional" machine. I bought a Dell Vostro 270S (Vostro 270 Slim) Desktop. Aside from work, I also need some fun, so I got the one with 1 TB hard drive and an off board video card, for running games and things that the old PC couldn't even dream of running. After some customizations, I got a computer with the following specifications:


Small Update

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I updated my profile page (the "About" page). I forgot to mention that I got a job, which is an important fact.

The blog turns two this month (congratulations to it, and a big zero for me for the lack of updates :P), and since it started, guess how many comments I got that weren't spam. Only two! And both are from friends I know personally! ... Keeping comments active aren't worth the trouble... So, I decided to disable comments. The easiest way to contact me is still my email.

Nintendo 3ds Review

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A blind person, plus a 3DS, equals... What?

I don't really know yet. But the point is... I bought a 3DS.

The 3DS with its lid closed

I wasn't interested in any of its games in particular, but as my five years old DS Lite's buttons (mainly the arrow keys and the "A" button) are becoming loose, I was starting to consider doing an upgrade. My plan was to get the new console maybe next year, but I found a cheap 3DS in a store near home. "Cheap" in way of speaking, because here in Brazil, things like games are very expensive. My 3DS cost R$479 (roughly $236.70 USD). No, it's not the 3DS XL, it's the normal 3DS. And this was the cheapest brand new one I could find. The XL was just released here in Brazil, costing around... R$1200 (roughly $590 USD!). In other words, too expensive.

Here is my review of the 3DS:


[03/26] Status Update

Aiyumi -

It's been a long time since the last post. Almost three months! I didn't forget the blog, just couldn't update it. I wrote that I wanted to post more this year, but it seems that 2012 had other plans for me. Good plans!

Early in January, I've (finally) got a job and since then I've been very busy. Just now I'm getting used to the new routine. It came suddenly, unexpectedly, but now I can "officially" say that I'm a programmer!

Before the job came, I was reading a lot about games and C++. And guess what language I'm working with!

"... Hm... C++?"

No! Wrong! The language is... Perl! :D

Very different, isn't it? Because of that, I thought I wouldn't be able to do anything right. Fortunately, I (too) was wrong. Everything is going well, although I still have a lot to learn. It was difficult at first, but I'm enjoying the work and am even thinking about using Perl for other things.

As for the blog, the same as always. I'll update when I can. I have several articles waiting to be finished. The problem lies in writting them in three languages...