Small Update

Aiyumi -

I updated my profile page (the "About" page). I forgot to mention that I got a job, which is an important fact.

The blog turns two this month (congratulations to it, and a big zero for me for the lack of updates :P), and since it started, guess how many comments I got that weren't spam. Only two! And both are from friends I know personally! ... Keeping comments active aren't worth the trouble... So, I decided to disable comments. The easiest way to contact me is still my email.

Nintendo 3ds Review

Aiyumi -

A blind person, plus a 3DS, equals... What?

I don't really know yet. But the point is... I bought a 3DS.

The 3DS with its lid closed

I wasn't interested in any of its games in particular, but as my five years old DS Lite's buttons (mainly the arrow keys and the "A" button) are becoming loose, I was starting to consider doing an upgrade. My plan was to get the new console maybe next year, but I found a cheap 3DS in a store near home. "Cheap" in way of speaking, because here in Brazil, things like games are very expensive. My 3DS cost R$479 (roughly $236.70 USD). No, it's not the 3DS XL, it's the normal 3DS. And this was the cheapest brand new one I could find. The XL was just released here in Brazil, costing around... R$1200 (roughly $590 USD!). In other words, too expensive.

Here is my review of the 3DS:


[03/26] Status Update

Aiyumi -

It's been a long time since the last post. Almost three months! I didn't forget the blog, just couldn't update it. I wrote that I wanted to post more this year, but it seems that 2012 had other plans for me. Good plans!

Early in January, I've (finally) got a job and since then I've been very busy. Just now I'm getting used to the new routine. It came suddenly, unexpectedly, but now I can "officially" say that I'm a programmer!

Before the job came, I was reading a lot about games and C++. And guess what language I'm working with!

"... Hm... C++?"

No! Wrong! The language is... Perl! :D

Very different, isn't it? Because of that, I thought I wouldn't be able to do anything right. Fortunately, I (too) was wrong. Everything is going well, although I still have a lot to learn. It was difficult at first, but I'm enjoying the work and am even thinking about using Perl for other things.

As for the blog, the same as always. I'll update when I can. I have several articles waiting to be finished. The problem lies in writting them in three languages...