Getting Ready for Persona 5

Aiyumi -

Last year (2015) I cleared the game Persona 3 FES (for Playstation 2), and in the beginning of this year (2016) I beat Persona 4 (also for PS2). An extremely brief introduction for those who don't know about these games: the Persona games are JRPGs (japanese RPGs) about high school students that need to balance studies, outings with friends, and fights against supernatural phenomena where they summon a kind of "inner self" in the form of creatures called "Persona." Both the Personas and the enemies are based on mythological beings, angels, demons and such. The games contain charismatic and well-developed characters, engaging storylines, and humorous scenes typical of anime. From Persona 3 onwards, the games have a calendar system where we follow the protagonists during the course of one year, where we can observe several aspects of Japanese culture such as typical foods (these games even made me try my hand at preparing ramen! :P ), some locations, and even what days are holidays on Japan's calendar!


[Violin] "Young Wing" - Duets with the Teachers

Aiyumi -

I got to the last song on the Shinozaki Violin Method Vol.1. It's called "Wakai Tsubasa" (lit. "Young Wing"), by a Japanese composer named Taijiro Go (1907-1971). It's a duet (for two violins) and, basically, it's quite cheerful, fast-paced, and has sequences of successive repeated notes that quickly get confusing and is easy to mess up :P .

I learned the first violin part and performed a duet with my teacher Fabiane Suzuki (before anyone asks, no, despite her surname and the fact that she's a violinist, she has nothing to do with the Suzuki from the violin method :P ). Here goes the recording.

Download/listen: wakai-tsubasa-duet-f01.ogg (OpenDrive) | wakai-tsubasa-duet-f01.mp3 (4shared)

Soon after that, I also had the opportunity to perform along with Juan Rossi, also a violinist and a teacher - he even studied in Austria and performs at OSESP (São Paulo State Symphony), a great reference). It was an honor to perform with him!

Download/listen: wakai-tsubasa-duet-j01.ogg (OpenDrive) | wakai-tsubasa-duet-j01.mp3 (4shared)

It was a lot of pressure. Performing along with the superb teachers, while knowing it was being recorded! (well, I had been the one to suggest recording, actually...) While I performed, I did my best not to think about anything else, and focused completely on my violin part so that I wouldn't get lost in the mess of notes. The music is fast, and I hurried to follow the accompaniment (rather than it accompanying me :P ) to not get left behind. At least I didn't get paralyzed and managed to be in sync with the second violin until the end. Despite going out of tune some times and a few little mistakes, the results came out rather nice (pressure and stuff considered), and I felt very accomplished. Doing the duets was quite the experience! Now, on to learning the second violin part...